Rabia Narker

I will endeavour to update this site on a regular basis, but ask your patience, because for now, Iím a wee bit too small and I am still very much dependant on my Dadís help.

Rabia means ... (rb) also (r-b) [Arabic rab',  Fourth; name of a Saint who lived in Basrah; Garden; Abounding in Green Foliage, Winner, see rb in Semitic roots.].
Most importantly, it was the name of my late Granny (Dadís Mom)

Rabia Narker, a pictorial guide to the birth and future growth of Rabia Narker, a Cape Town, South Africa based lass.

The website of Rabia, Narker, containing the life and activities of this young lady named after a Saint who lived in Basrah - Rabia Al Adiwiyya. Amongst the pages you will find her activities which includes visits to Dr Ramzie Hendricks - Chiropractor, Dr Razak Dhansay - her Momís Gynaecologist, Dr Hedi van der Watt - Paediatrician and her visits to the Lady Buxton clinic not forgetting her routine specialist Lynn Woods,

It will include information about babies, baby and parenting, baby care, baby clothes, baby names, nursery, baby products, antenatal, baba, baby messages, baby shower, birth, infant, infancy, maternity, nappies, neonatal, new born, parenting, pushchairs, prams, car seat, pregnant, pregnancy, strollers, teething, toddlers.

Rabiaís family includes the Narkerís, Nadkarís Dhansay, Harnekar Parker Khan, Brey & Omar families amongst others with her close relatives being mom & Dad - Aysha Harnekar-Narker & Hoosain Narker. Auntís from Dadís side includes Badrunisha Omar and her husband Hassan, Shanaaz Parker, Uncles - Nazier Narker & Mansoor Narker. Her granny is Jainab Dhansay Khan. Her late Grandparents were Ali & Rabia Narker. Her cousinís from Dadís side includes Fahranaaz Omar, Ansaar Omar, Shakira Omar, Zunaid Parker, Rehana Parker, Shabnum Parker (first cousin - in - law), Ya-eesh Narker, Nimreen Narker. From my Momís side it includes my auntís Rafeeqa Harnekar, Muneera Banderker, second cousins Shuaib Dhansay, Umar Dhansay, Saajida & Tazkiyah Banderker.

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