Future Activities

What does the future hold in for me? What will I do? What will I become? That we do not know as yet, but with the Grace of the Almighty, what I do know is that pretty soon I will be joining Mom and Dad at the dojo and also on day hikes. I already have my own backpack, but will not be using that for a while as I will be walking around in a Papoose.

I have been to two karate camps as well as a tournament and have my own dogi with a pink belt. Some of the kids at the dojo now also want a pink belt. Will I follow Mom and Dad into practising karate? Only time will tell...

Latest news is that because I go with them to the dojo, tournaments, gasshukuís, etc. Iíve learned a couple of tricks. Mom taught me that when someone is nasty to me, or tries to bully me, that I MUST punch THEM on the NOSE.

Iíve also learnt to do mae-geri, punch and block (upward). I also know how to do push-ups, sit ups and squats, but I must admit I struggle a bit with the sit ups.

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