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    • Osu. i just had a look at Rabia's site, :-) very very cute, i cant wait to show Kylie. thanks for that. osu. Mark Cousins (Ashihara Australia)
    • The website for little Rabia is absolutely stunning. Congrats she is so cute. Sandy September (Northlink College)
    • She's just beautiful! And so talented to put together her own web page at 2 months old! :o) I love the name and what you wrote about it. Please give her a kiss from the de Wets. Cheers, Mary de Wet (Singapore)
    • It's excellent, Hoosain!! Quite satisfying to be able to see all the photos. She looks beautiful, of course. I will so much enjoy watching her grow. Sara Aoyama (USA)
    • Brilliant! My warmest congratulations!! And send my regards to your wife too! Jarmo Osterman (Finland)
    • Dear Mr & Mrs Narker, Congratulations with your most beautiful little Rabia! She is such a gorgeous little girl. Wishing the three of you only happiness, joy and much laughter in future years to come. A child is such a blessing and keeps one firmly anchored to the here, the know and the earth! May she experienced a world as beautiful as we know it now. I will spread the word. Kind regards, Retha Visser (Japanese Consulate)

      Hoosain, I can see what a blessed life you have started for Rabia! I am very happy for you and your wife, as you radiate with happiness for the treasure that has filled both your lives. You have made a full, rich life for you and yours, and I am happy for you more than you know. Thank you for creating such a special tribute and remembrance of this most joyous event. I wish you and your little family a blessed, loving lifetime. 
      Dale Scott (Costa Rica)
    • Hi There, I have visited her site, she is absolutely beautiful! This is really something special to do for your daughter and it kills about a million birds with one stone ……… I can just imagine the amount of people you guys have enquiring about her and her well-being …. Aysha, I will see you on Saturday. Bye… Moira Ellie
    • I had a look, as well as a few of the other ladies in the office and we all decided that it definitely rated a 10 out of 10 on our beautiful scale! Charmaine van Heerden (Excellent Meat)
    • RABIAS SITE IS XCELLENT - Ebrahim Sayed (ES Tours)
    • Hi I have just been through the whole site of your daughter. She is truly a beautiful one. Congrats again to you and your wife. Janine Patton
    • Very nice!!! When does Rabia got her mobile? Regards to all. Harry Gorter (Ashihara Holland)
    • Salaam I'm speechless, but I should have expected that as it can only be Shihan Hoosain Narker the Kaicho of AKI that can come up with these weird things. It truly is stunning. The quotes overwhelming, e.g. I'm a wee bit too small to update the site so I still need some assistance from my dad." "I'll be getting my own mobile soon." " Ya-eesh trying to pacify me." etc where does Shihan come up with these things. Anyway shukran for sharing it with me, say salaam to the family & dojo mates. Haashim Mullins
    • That's so cute - you look a great family! Look after each other. Greg Solomon (England)
    • Thanks for letting me view these beautiful pictures of your gorgeous daughter, I really appreciate it. I see that she is into the computer already - Please Dad give me a break and let me grow a little more. God's riches Blessing on the little one. WENDY JANSEN (KAWP)
    • Well done for the brilliant site also. That’s what we call a GORGEOUS BABY. Congratulation. You are actually giving me the envy to have another one. LOL Will follow up on baby’s growth. Lily Ithier (Island Touch Tours)
    • Your little girl is just so sweet and is very blessed to have a dad that has taken so much time in creating a web page for her. What a lovely idea! Marielle (E-Payments)
    • I was at the Rabia Home Page. She was wonderful, you must be proud. All the best to her. Kurt Ørum (Dai Ki Haku - Denmark)
    • Congratulations on the birth of Rabia -- Anyway, what a great website you have put together for her. May Rabia be a constant source of joy to you. Tim Watkins (USA)
    • Hi Hoosain, I've been checking Rabia's site... please update it! ;-) I'm excited to hear she is able to wear the outfits already. She is growing well and thriving, I think. Are you having fun with her? How does she sleep? I hope she isn't wearing you out!! Sara Aoyama (USA)
    • I went to the web site you have set up for Rabia, and fell in love with that precious little face! She's so adorable! Many good wishes and congratulations for your little gift from God. The web site was outstanding, as well. I will have to visit it again, when I am on line. As the mother of two daughters and two grand daughters (maybe three, we aren't sure yet), I can tell you it's a very good thing to have a little girl to brighten your days and keep you up at night. :-) Sharon Hayakawa (USA)
    • The site is absolutely stunning and she is so sweet and gotgeous. I am sure you will have many more memorable moments to capture and perhaps share it with all of us. You and your wife must enjoy her. Salaam .... Shahiemah Edwards (LOFOB - League of Friends of the Blind)

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