I was born at 12.15pm on Friday 24 February 2006. After watching me being cleaned, Dad rushed to Mosque for Jumu-ah (Friday congregational prayers) whilst the doctors finished working on Mom.
On coming back from Mosque, Dad informed everyone of my arrival and the following messages came via sms or e-mail from all over. This excludes the many phone calls they received.

  • Hope you are well and managing the stresses. We all pray for you both and wish you well with the birth of your child and that there will be no complications. Have all the strength and comfort. Leon Beech
  • Congratulations to you both, may your baby enjoy a very successful life Insha Allah. At what time was baby born? Fatimah Jacobs
  • Congrats. Will c u guys later (7-8), look after Rabi  Zunaid
  • Congratulations Dady & Mommy Haashim Mullins
  • Slamat! May Allah bless u n family Gakiem Hayzer
  • Slamat on your baby girl! May she bring you much happiness and joy! May she grow up to be a pious muslim and someone you can be proud of, inshallah.  Nazeem Larney & Family
  • Congratulations. Glad 2 hear everyone is doing well. Marcus van Wyk
  • Congrat u hav pass ta practicial part of labour. I cn proudly say i'm a ghala of a beautiful niece. Ps. Get da shot gun ready, I c a que of guys outside ur house. Rafeeqa Harnekar
  • Slm, new daddy slamat on your baby girl. You guys must be so happy. Plz say congrats to Aysha too. Hope she and the baby is well. Rogeema Kenny
  • Congrats on the baby girl - take care of her and the Mom Alex Uys & Team
  • Congratulations on your new status as parents. Your daughter is indeed fortunate to have you as parents. May Allah bless your future together Inshallah. Shahieda Jansen
  • Slamat, may the ALLAH bless u's with many more Inshallah. Yazeed Abrahams
  • Hi! Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! All the best and good health for her and your wife. Lloyd de Jongh
  • Super congrats on yr Little fam Bertha Constance-Schwarz
  • Slmt Daddy! May the Almighty shower his richest blessings on her insha Allah. Rukeya Dien
  • Assalamu Alaikum-Slamat Senpai and Aysha on the birth of your little girl. Love from Saaida and Muzzamiel
  • Congratulations and all the best 2 u and your family! Just one thing please resist the temptation 2 name he Ashi and a future son Hara. Regards Erik Petermann
  • Hey Sempai congratulations on the birth of u'r baby girl! Send my regards to Sempai Aysha & tell her that I'm making dua 4 her & the baby's well being  076 375 5690
  • Congratulations 2 the both of u .... Ricardo Fourie
  • Osu, alle geluk ek het nie geweet dat girls ook taf is nie.  Andrew Philander
  • Congratulations! May the little girl bring endless hours of happiness and may her life be filled with blessings. Well done Mom! Moira Ellie
  • Mubarak. Extend our wishes 2 Aysha. Eveything of the best. Enjoy.  Hassan Allie
  • Slamat 2 u and Aysha on the birth of your girl. Linda phoned me tonight. May Allah gant her health. May she give you lots of joy and happiness. Thoraiya Hassiem
  • The Tiger Academy of Martial Arts (Kenpo karate) congratulate u on ur 1st born. Wish u & the wife everything of the best.  Cobe Jeftha
  • Congrats  Megan Alexander
  • Congratulations 2 ur wife giving birth 2 a daughter and slamat 2 u becoming a father alhamdulillah. Shuaib & Faseega
  • slm new daddy, slamat on yr baby girl, you guys must be so happy! pls say congrats to aysha too. hope she and the baby is well. Rogeema Kenny
  • Salaam, Slamat on ur new baby girl! i am so happy 4 u, u nw hav a child of ur own. I hope u wont 4get ur "otha" kids lol! Tel ayesha i say slamat & salaam. giv d baby a kiss from me. i will def make a plan 2c d baby, let me knw if u nd a baby sita. ....;-) Mymona Jacobs
  • Congratulation & the best of wishes 2 u both. Best of luck & may ur baby have a blessed life insha Allah. from Shaheen & Rashaad 
  • Ma Sha Allah. Congratulations, may Allah preserve You, Ayesha and Ms Narker. In Sha Allah. Hassan Khan
  • Salaam congrats on your new born baby girl! Fuad Jacobs
  • Salaam, mubarak to mom and dad, may baby Narker you a coolness and blessing to your eyes!  Gasan Sulaiman
  • Slamat 4 the bundle of joy take good care of her!! Peter Sakarumbi
  • Slm - congrats on the arrival of ur baby girl. May Allah grant her long healthy & wealthy life. May He make her the coolness of ur eyes. Clarence Johannes
  • Salaam. Just heard the good news. Slamat to the both of you for the new addition to the family. Enjoy the precious bundle! :>  Nazeem Dollie
  • That is great!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I am happy for you and Aysha. And glad that Aysha and the baby are making well. Groet, Harry Gorter (Netherlands)
  • Great Photo! Congrats on the true gift of life! Nothing is more important than one's family. Brad Hester (USA)
  • Congratulations from all of the Ashihara members in Seychelles and me personally. You must be overwhelm with joy (and stress possibly). May you and your family be blessed. Egbert Moustache (Seychelles)
  • Congrats, Hoosain on becoming a father! Congratulations! Greg Solomon(England)
  • My compliments Hoosain. Bruce Johnston
  • Dear Hoosain-san, Welcome to a whole new chapter in your lives, a reawakening of love and responsibility for both your wife and you. Kindly pass on my congratulations to her for seeing her demanding term through to a successful conclusion. I hope she and baby are both abundantly well, and you are able to get some sleep sometime :-). In Fellowship, Bob Davies
  • Yep, Hoosain congrats are in order. Buddy Govender
  • Hoosain, I was getting worried that there was no heir to the Ashihara throne, congratulations Imtiaz Abdulla
  • Hoosain I hope you are very well! Congrats on your baby girl. I have just the one girl who is now 12 years old, she has only been a pleasure to our lives! You must love and cherish her. Only one thing that I dont understand is why the most of us martial artists end up with girls? I have not questioned God but I have only been thankful. Richard L West
  • Selam, Congratulations with your daughter greetings, Sait Kose (Netherlands)
  • Hi Rabia, You look really pretty like your mother-not sure about your dad though! but never mind eh. I am sure a very good future is mapped out for you so just enjoy being baby first and perhaps when you grow up you will follow dad into Martial arts. All the very very best. Lots of love. John Richards (England)
  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. You must be so proud. She is beautiful. Hank Prohm (USA)
  • A huge congratulation to you and Aysha on the birth of your daughter. God has certainly blessed you! Congratulations again to you and Aysha! Best wishes and fond regards Chris, Mary, Kale and Mika (Singapore)
  • Hello my friend, Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your beautiful daughter, she look beautiful. How have you been keeping? All well I hope. All the best my friend and again congratulations. Your friend from Australia Bill Wakefield (Australia)
  • Sara has passed along word that you are now the father of an excellent baby daughter. Congratulations! My own daughter has been a source of constant joy to me. I know that yours will be the same for you. My best regards to your wife and family.  George Donahue (USA)
  • Slamaat Broer Mabrook!!!! Your little girl is gorgeous. Razien Dangor
  • Congratulations with the birth of your wonderful baby!!! Johny Verheyden (Belgium)
  • Felicidades y Bienvenido al Club de los Paps. " Que la dicha ilumine el largo camino que tu nia ha de recorrer". Son las sinceras felicitaciones de mi esposa, mis hijos y de parte ma. (Happinesses and Welcome al Club of the Paps. "That the happiness illuminate the long road that your girl should travel through". They are the sincere congratulations of my wife, my children and of part ma. Saludos Gran Pap.  Zenon Cortez Becker (Panama)
  • OSU! Shihan Hoosain Narker I hope you and your wife are in good health. Just to congratulate you and you wife on the birth of your daughter. Wish you and your wife a wonderful journey raising your daughter. All the best to you, your wife and your daughter.  Angel Carrasco (Canada)
  • Hello Senpai Hoosain, Aslam Alikum. May I say Maashallah for the birth of you new child, Maashallah, what a beautiful name - Rabi'ah (Rabia) - Garden, springtime. Rabia is beautiful, her name truly reflects her character, I pray that Rabia gives you a lifetime of joyous times and memories. Alhamdulillah I'm glad both baby and mom are fine, but how are you? Again Mubarak to you all, Allah Hafiz Ken Wylson (England)
  • Dude, She is heavy.......and Congrat's Happy Fatherhood. Cheers! Victor Yen (Malaysia)
  • Dear Kaicho Hoosain Veri congratulations, and the best wishes for you and your family, and the new member, the little baby. I see the beautiful picture Guido Capizzano (Argentina)
  • I'm very glad for you and your wife, a child is a grate bless, have my congratulation, respect and love  David Morales Huilipan (Chile)
  • Dear Hoosain, Congratulations on the birth of your Daughter, she is a very beautiful baby. I hope that Mother and baby are doing well! Please give your wife my best wishes for her and the baby. Best wishes. Brian Potts. (England)
  • Well done to mother and a big welcome to Rabia from NZ OSU How is Dad doing ? Well done to you two mate. Peter Lowl (New Zealand)
  • Dear Kaicho, congratulation, and god bless to you and your family thank you for your email and thank you for everything. Mohammad Azam (India)
  • Congratulations to you and your family on your new addition. I hope everyone is well and hope to see you again later this year. Best regards Barry, Karen & Kelly Rutter (England)
  • Congratulations to both you and Aisha. Carlos Velez (USA)
  • Slm she is really beautiful senpai...many slamats for u and ur family...hope she brings lots of joy in2 ur home...  Sulaiman Jacobs
  • Salaam Senpai Congratulations for the new baby sorry i wasn't at the doopmaal i wasn't aware it was on Sunday just found out yesterday by Mymona and my phone broke only got another 1 last night. Yaaseen Osman
  • I think I can congratulate you on being a father!!!!!!! I hope so - Julian Farquhar (Hungary)
  • I hope that everything is well with your new addition to your family. Tigana Payne (New Zealand)
  • Im very glad to ear about you and even more by the happy new: the birth of your child. Congratulations from the deep of my heart. My best wishes for all of you, in special to your child!! Luis Pintos (Portugal)
  • Congratulations to you both! This is wonderful! - Shaharin Yussof (Australia)
  • Walaikumassalaam - Mubrook....Its really good to see Rabia.....take care.... convey our mubarak and salaam to all in the family... Iqbal Usman Nadkar (Dubai)
  • Salaam. you have a mashala baby. Everything of the best for all of you. Moemie Shaboodien
  • Mubarak on the birth and arrival of your beautiful girl baby. Mohammed Ameer (USA)
  • Congratulations on the birth of your future karate champ, you must be very excited. Graham Levy (Australia)
  • Salaam Daddy, Slamat on the birth of your daughter may Allah grant you and your wife a pious and god conscious child inshallah  Saabira/Shaheed Lagadien (First Aid Academy)
  • Congrats - Oscar Cupido (Oscars Travel)
  • Slms 2 u Masha-allah that's great. Mubarak to u and Ayesha. Baby's quite tall seeing that her parents aren't that tall. Shameemah (Mustadafin Foundation)
  • Salaams Mashallah may your daughter be the coolness of your eyes and your wife's and my she grow up to be pious, healthy and obedient. Mohamed Amanjee (Samana Trading)
  • I am glad to see all went well. Masha-Allah you and Ayesha have a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to the both of you!! Shaheen Soni (Soni Art Studio)
  • She is Beautiful! Congratulations again to you and your wife! Charmaine van Heerden (Excellent Meat)
  • May Allah grant her and her parents their health and strength and that she may be the pleasure of her parents eyes, Insha Allah. Mogamat Abrahams (Coolstuff)
  • Congratulations on your new beautiful daughter. We are very glad for both your wife and you. Sounds as if things have been going very good for you. Ken & Melinda Charlton (USA)
  • Congratulations to you both. Having children is just so wonderful and so rewarding (especially when they sleep at night) - and although this sounds very strange to say - what I mean is that during the day they drive you crazy, make you laugh, infuriate you, make you laugh and even make you cry but at night when I look at my kids sleeping, I realise that I just have to be the most blessed mom in the world because that's when they look like angels and then the next day doesn't seem so bad :) Marielle (E-Payments)
  • Wonderfull! We are very happy for you. Kurt rum (Denmark)
  • Great news ! I wish both you and Aysha all of the best with the new born. I know all will be well. Ravi Moodley (Kardio Warrior)
  • Our most hearty Congratulations on the arrival of Baby Narker...She is absolutely gorgeous. Hoosain this was long of due! : - ) Wishing Baby Narker and you health, wealth, joy, and prosperity for the years to come... Love and Best Wishes from your family in Durban... Sonny, Anita, Deniro, Evita, Brando and Lorenzo Pillay
  • Mubarak on the birth of Rabia, may she be a constant source of joy and a coolness to both of your eyes Inshallah. Rabia looks Mashallah my friend. So cute. She was quite big at birth hey. Shariefa Wydeman
  • It's great to hear from you the happy news about your first child. It's the kindness of almighty Allah and we pray Allah for her better and bright future. Ghulam Jilani "Ghuroob" (Afghanistan)
  • Congratulation to your new born. I hope you and your family all well. Mikael Berg (Sweden)
  • Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your baby daughter. I trust that all went well and no doubt you are feeling very proud ! Sanette Smit (Funakoshi Karate WP)
  • Mabrouk! May Allah's richest blessing be on this child. Lilian & Elias Kattan (WP Goju Ryu Karate)
  • Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your beautiful daughter. May you have many years of laughter with your daughter before she starts karate Wendy Jansen
  • Salaam Hoosain & Ayesha, A very big slamat on your baby girl. May you enjoy every minute of parenthood together and May the Almighty fill all your lives with lots of ghair and barakah Insha-Allah. Salaam FahNaz
  • Selam Sensei Hoosain, Congratulations. Beautiful baby. May Allah bless her and her family and provide the best in her life. Isa Alemdag (Turkey)
  • Congratulations on your new arrival and may the new bundle of joy bring lots of love, God's riches blessings and happiness to you and your wife. Andre Lincoln
  • What wonderful news! You are now about to embark on the most difficult and the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Twenty-seven years ago Cindy and I brought Malindi into this world. I remember the moment as if it were yesterday--I relive it often--Malindi with her eyes so big--wide open as if searching for those responsible.

    Half the time we had no idea what we were doing. I often said, "Parenthood is bigger than you, but you're in it all the same." Your life will change even more dramatically than it did when you got married. Some of it will be difficult--all of it glorious. Your wife will have new needs and will have new responsibilities. Be patient with her.

    Hoosain, you have a tendancy to keep your fist tightly wrapped around your true heart. You do not share that easily, and that, for the most part is a good thing. In my older age I am more prone to share my true heart than I was before. However, you must give your true heart to your children--for that is the gift of a good father.

    Parenting never stops--your children never outgrow their need for a mother and a father. The roles may change somewhat, but to this day, Malindi comes to me in times of good and bad--times of defeat and triumph. I was not a lazy father and I was diligent in helping Malindi grow to her potential and to grow spiritually with her heart. Parenthood is God's way of revealing secrets to grown-ups--a finishing school of sorts. What you learned as a son cannot compare with what you'll learn as a father.

    One of the big concepts I learned as a father was to have no expectations of the child. Expectation is a perilous path. Certainly, one will have aspirations for your child, but that is different. Expectation is, "I'll do this for you if I can expect you to do that." Aspiration is, "I'll do this for you and I hope and pray that you'll do that for yourself, as you've seen me do as you grew up."

    I don't know if you remember Joe X, but he had the expectation that his son, Adam, would be a medical doctor. Ever since he was a little boy, we knew Adam was brilliant--genius--off the charts. His father EXPECTED he would employ that genius in medicine. Adam barely graduated high school and flunked out of his first year of college. He ostracised his own father from his life, moved into a dump of an apartment and now leads a rather shallow life as a work-desk, third-shift worker. Joe ruined Adam's chance of coming into his own genius and potential through his aspirations of his son. It was a disaster. Of course, it was not ALL Joe's fault, but before Adam knew of choices, he was smothered in his father's expectation.

    The first 3 years are critical. Surround your child with lots of input. I would take Malindi around the house--out in the yard--touching things, smelling things, seeing things--a lot of overt sensory stimulation.

    Establish rituals that will serve to help your child develop his/her intellect and imagination. Way before Malindi could understand words, I would take her to her crib every night and tell her stories. They were always adventure stories that included Malindi as the hero--the good hearted hero. Later, and as she grew up, I continued to tell her stories--she choosing who would be in the story. A big part of a child's world is fear of things unknown. My stories would usually include a monster that Malindi must face. We framed the monster as something that was, at first sight horrible and scary. But upon closer study, one could see that the monster was really weak and we had a humorous disdain of the creature. The names of the monsters are telling . . . Malindi and the Ka-Ka (Ca-Ca) Creature.

    Malindi and the Fart Monster. Malindi and the Crusty Butt Monster. The monsters, although very scary at first sight, were almost comic in reality. Malindi invariably saved everyone from the monster and usually even redeemed the monster. To this day, Malindi's friends often describe her as fearless and one to have around when everything looks bad. And she IS fearless. When she was counselling kids with problems, she would face down child-abusing, drunken fathers who threatened to kill her. She NEVER backed down in those situations. She is the first person her friends go to when there is serious trouble. And is there any surprise in this? No. Throughout her whole childhood, Malindi had faced monsters and saved others from those darknesses.
    Hoosain, I must get back to business, but appreciate it so to hear of your being blessed with a child. It has brightened my day. Thank you for sharing your blessing. Best Regards, 
    Gary Gabelhouse (USA)
  • Osu Shihan Narker, Congratulation for your new baby girl even if she was born in February. Welcome to the World of Parenthood. I was thrilled when I got your mail and my Mum congratulates you too. Seddick Fanny Al-Abdulla(Seychelles)
  • Congratulations on the birth of Rabia -- I must have missed the announcement on the Sabaki list somehow. Is that possible? Anyway, what a great website you have put together for her. What a beautiful daughter you have--it is lucky that she takes after her mother instead of you, no? May Rabia be a constant source of joy to you. Tim Watkins (USA)
  • Congrats on a beautiful girl. All the very best for the future and what God has blessed you and wifey with. I hope "you've" already decided to start thinking brother/sister..... Ralph Jackson (AKT Tours)
  • She's beautiful. You're obviously a very proud daddy. Fadia Muscat (African Equations)
  • Happy belated congratulations to you & your wife. The Members & Staff at Exclusive Chauffeuring cc. Keep well. Rene Engel (Exclusive Chauffeuring)
  • Congratulations. Meyer de Waal (Meyer de Wall Attorneys)
  • Congratulations on the birth of Rabia, Sensei~! That is wonderful news. I am sure she will be such a happy little girl with such loving parents. ALL my best to your family. Joanne Madrid Vermeulen (USA)
  • Mubarak to you and your wife!!! Best Wishes  Khaleel Dalwai
  • CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife on the latest addition to your great family. I know how's the feeling having 2 grown kids myself and am also a grandfather for the past 2 years. Having fun with my granddaughter is reliving the "growing years" again.... Enjoy it ! Best Wishes to all of you. Henry Low (Singapore)
  • Hoosain Shinshii @ Mrs, Congratulations to addition to your fine Family God Bless or may Ala be with you all at all times. Thank you for your fine input as usual. Charles (USA)
  • Congratulations to you and your family on this wonderful little "big" secret. My husband and I are the proud new grandparents of a wonderful baby girl, she was born January 12th, so we know first hand the joy and blessings you are talking about. With our best, Polly & Gary Melick (USA)
  • Congratulations ... Bruce Miller (USA)
  • Wishing you, your wife and Rabia all of the best Insha-Allah Shamiemah Jassiem (IELF)
  • Hi Aysha Congratulations Mom. Pls wish dad for me as well. I looked at all the pictures of your beautiful baby and it makes me feel kinda broody. I know shes going to bring you guys much happiness, love and laughter. Keep well and take care. With love from Walter & Sharon
  • Ma'am Aysha, we have seen the website, Sensei has hosted for rabia.what a bundle of happiness! does she take after you for that "pretty" factor ? Vidya Sundar (India)
  • Salamat to U and yours on the bundle of joy. M.A. Kadia (Tauheed Jewels)
  • It's great to hear from you the happy news about your first child. It's the kindness of almighty Allah and we pray Allah for her better and bright future. Ghulam Jilani "Ghuroob" (Afghanistan)

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